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The House of Windsor (1910-)

George V (1910-1936) Trial Uniface Crown

Ref 31/161Price £29,500.00

1926, designed by Francis Derwent Wood RA (1871-1926), struck with a matt finish in silver, classical figure personifying Peace seated right on a chaise, draped and wearing chain mail , helmet at her feet, holding olive branch and caduceus, date in Roman numerals in exergue, GIVE PEACE IN OUR TIME O LORD, edge grained, L&S-; Krause TSA6., encapsulated in a NGC holder PF63, of the highest rarity, believed to be of three but the only example with a blank obverse,
Ex. A-Tokyo Collection and the actual piece presented to Derwent Wood's widow as part of a full 1926 set. The other examples are struck on silver plated flans and bear the word MODEL on the obverse, however this example is struck in silver and is plain on the obverse. In 1926 coinage was proposed in a speech delivered in the House of Commons by the historian and numismatist Sir Charles Oman, he then pursued the idea with officials at the Royal Mint. Francis Derwent Wood produced the designs, Humphrey Paget produced the models, and pieces were struck in 1926. The Peace legend is borrowed Anglican liturgy with origins back to the Protestant Reformation, it was adopted to become the refrain in the hymn of the same name.


George VI (1936-1952) The Unique 1952 Proof Penny

Ref 31/163Price £135,000.00

1952, dies 3+C, BMC-; F.-; S.4117 (Unique), this coin , carbon spot by second N of PENNY and another behind head, otherwise brilliant, and the only known example,
Ex. A H Baldwin 125th Centennary Auction, 13th October 1997 and Rasmussen List 9 (C109). Up until its appearance in the Baldwin sale the existence of this piece was not known to the collecting fraternity, with the exception of Baldwin's management. It now joins the ranks along with the other great rarities, the pennies of 1933, 1937 (Edward VIII) and the 1954.
practically FDC


George V (1910-1936) Proof Two Pounds

Ref 31/160Price £3,500.00

1911, head left, re, St. George and dragon, edge grained, S.3995
practically FDC


George VI (1936-1952) Proof Penny

Ref 31/162Price £2,250.00

1940, head left, rev. Britannia right, double exergue line; F.228 [R18}; BMC 2408 [ER], extremely rare, brilliant,
Encapsulated in a PCGS holder PR64RD. Proof pieces of the wars years are especially rare.
practically FDC


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